Steps To Pressure Wash Your Home.

Cleaning is an essential part of every place, both residential and commercial. It is a daily activity that cannot be ignored. While housekeepers do basic cleaning, more complex cleaning is done by professionals. Pressure washing is a cleaning process used primarily on houses and other places that need more than basic cleaning. Homeowners can benefit from pressure washing as it helps to increase your property’s value and save cost on roof repairs and the like.

Our busy schedule makes it virtually impossible for us to thoroughly clean our homes. If you are opportune to return from work earlier than expected, you could see weird occurrences within and outside your house. You notice your driveway is black, your roof and siding are green and you wonder, when was the last time I took care of my home? All of these can affect pricing if you’re looking to sell or rent your home.

There are different pressure wash services that are suited for residential, commercial, and industrial situations. Commercial pressure cleaning includes the cleaning of hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, parking garages, ships, boats, industrial parks, and other heavy equipment. In this article, we’ll discuss pressure washing for homes. Pressure washing your home is a process that involves using a mechanical sprayer to spray the desired surface. The sprayer is designed to force water faster using pressure. In some cases, high-pressure water uses less water and high pressure to remove dirt and tough stains on surfaces. High-pressure washer eliminates this pollution more powerfully than a regular hose. To clean more delicate like a roof, soft water pressure washing come is used along with a detergent to gently clean property.

If you’re looking to pressure wash your home, below are the steps to follow.


· Eye protection

· Pressure washer

· Detergent

· Brush

· Scaffold or extension wand [for two or three-storey buildings]


Secure upholstery, furniture, bedding, etc. with plastic sheeting or cloths with duct tape.


Clear the surrounding; remove any form of obstruction like toys, bikes, etc. to ensure thorough cleaning and avoid an accident while cleaning.



Mix your detergent with the right amount of water and bleach to create a cleaning solution. Pour this solution into the pressure washer.


Use a pressure washer for deck cleaning, sealing, and staining. First, remove everything from the deck before washing. Start from the bottom and find your way to the top. If you see a thick layer of moss, then use a higher psi to blow off the moss. The 15-degree spray nozzle is ideal for harder surface while a 30-degree nozzle is recommended for softer surfaces and a lower psi.


Once you’re done washing, the next step is to apply finishes. Before applying any finishes, make sure it is clean so as to not seal in dirt, bugs, leaves, and other unwanted objects.


When finished, remove the cloths and plastic sheeting and wait at least two days for the exterior to dry. The result is a sparkling clean home.

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