Leave house washing to the experts

When we clean your home, we'll use neutralizing agents to reduce harm to your exterior surfaces. The lower pressure used for your house will clean it properly without chipping any paint or causing damage.

Pricing for low-pressure house washing is determined by square footage:

  • Under 1800 square feet - $328.99
  • 1800-2400 square feet - $438.99
  • 2400-3500 square feet - $548.99

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Low Pressure Soft Washing

Pretreating property with proprietary mix to eliminate organic growth. Adding high alkaline product that is high foam producing we are able to fully clean the property with maximum results. Bleach softens the mold and mildew making it easy for the detergent to penetrate effectively. The detergent removes the remaining pollutants such as exhaust carbons, acid rain as well as embedded oxidation. Using a rinse additive we leave glass and siding cleaned efficiently and thoroughly. We add an apple or cherry scented product to ensure your home doesn't smell of heavy chemicals and soaps. We treat the home with plex master which is a silicone & silicone hardener, polymer and mildew retardant that will enhance the appearance of vinyl and aluminum siding. This product will substantially reduce the reformation of mold and mildew on all surfaces. Plant and Property Protection Program. We use a bleach neutralizer is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to plants or external surfaces. Our products are the best available as a post-wash rinse on plants and windows, to neutralize bleach on roofs with no gutters or bad runoff, or to clean out hoses and equipment. We also wrap all lights with plastic containment systems so there's no issue with shorting out

Plant and Property Protection Program

We use products that are specifically designed to neutralize the products we use when cleaning your house, gutters or roof. The products we use are a highly alkaline product, which is great for removing organic matter. We pretreat all landscaping, concrete and decks with products that have a PH below neutral. We also wrap all downspouts to ensure that no runoff will impact your property and landscaping.

All our employees are trained to wrap all exterior power outlets in a specific way. This reduces the chances that any of the outlets will short out. We wrap all lights with plastic containment systems so there's no issue with damaging the lights or electric.