Soft Washing Building Wash

Soft washing is a gentle, highly effective exterior cleaning method. It is designed to remove dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants from surfaces without the use of high-pressure water. Unlike traditional pressure washing, soft washing employs a combination of specialized biodegradable detergents and low-pressure water application. This technique is particularly suitable for delicate surfaces such as roofs, sidings and painted areas where high-pressure cleaning could cause damage. Soft washing not only achieves a thorough cleaning, but also ensures the long-lasting preservation of surfaces, making it an ideal solution for maintaining the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of various exterior spaces.


  • Safely removes mildew, mold and algae
  • Thoroughly cleans all exterior surfaces
  • Remains clean for a longer period of time

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning involves the removal of debris, leaves and blockages from gutters and downspouts to ensure proper water flow. This essential maintenance helps prevent water damage, foundation issues and other potential problems caused by clogged or overflowing gutters. There is an additional option to upgrade the service to gutter whitening, which is a specialized cleaning process that restores the aesthetic appeal of gutters by removing stains, discoloration and mold.


  • Gutters cleaned & flushed
  • Gutter vacuum for hard-to-reach gutters
  • Exterior gutter brightening

Window Cleaning

No Streaks Window & Roof specializes in large scale window cleaning jobs. We routinely complete 5000+ facilities. We use our proprietary pure water systems to ensure that all windows are cleaned to the highest standard.


  • Big jobs, no problem
  • Pure window system
  • Exterior window cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning through pressure washing is a powerful, efficient method to remove dirt, stains and grime from various concrete surfaces. While utilizing high-pressure water, this technique revitalizes driveways, sidewalks and patios. The goal is to restore the concretes original appearance and enhance the overall curb appeal of the property. It's an effective solution for maintaining cleanliness and preserving the longevity of concrete structures while providing a fresh and polished look to outdoor spaces.


  • Parking lots & sidewalks
  • Pool areas & common Areas
  • Basketball courts & Tennis courts