Have you ever wondered what those little black dots on your home are?

What Are Those Black Dots on My Siding?

Have you ever wondered what the black dots on your house and windows are?  You may be surprised to learn that those pesky dots are actually a type of fungus.

Shotgun fungus can cause damage to homes, vehicles, and other objects. It is referred to as, "shotgun,” fungus because it shoots out tiny black specks resembling pellets towards nearby surfaces.

The fungus grows in moist environments such as mulch, soil, or decaying wood. When conditions are right, it shoots out its spore-containing fruiting body with enough force to propel it several feet. The spores then stick to whatever is nearby including houses, cars and windows.

These black specks are difficult to remove and can leave permanent stains. Moreover, the spores can penetrate into porous surfaces and cause damage over time.

To prevent shotgun fungus, avoid using old or contaminated mulch, and keep mulch away from your home's foundation. If you notice shotgun fungus on your property, it's best to remove the affected mulch and dispose of it properly.

I went to a class over the winter and learned that this fungus is transported to WNY in black mulch.  We recommend to our clients that they switch to cedar mulch as it isn’t a carrier of shotgun fungus.  I also learned about a few products that we can use to spray on the mulch that can help to inhibit shotgun fungus growth.

We are now adding this service onto our pressure washing and softwashing services.  If interested in booking services please call 716-903-5339 or email nostreakswindowroof@gmail.com.


Exterior Cleaning

What do you use the space underneath your kitchen sink for? For most folks, that’s the place where all those bottles of Lysol, Dawn and Pinesol can be found for everyday cleaning needs.  We all disinfect the interior of our homes often on a daily basis, but most of us don’t think about the outside of our homes. While you may think your bathroom harbors the most mildew and mold, it actually is the exterior of your home. Not to mention algae to top off the list!  All these organics can negatively impact your health.  
Fresh air enters through windows, doors and vents from the exterior of the home which has to pass by areas that may be infected with biologics.  Most organics are spore based so they easily slide in through the screen doors, windows and vents.

The solution to those nasty organics is allowing our teams at No Streaks to softwash them all away while still protecting the exterior of your home and making it look brand new.  We know you keep the inside clean, we will handle the outside!


Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Make sure your patio is the envy of the entire neighborhood.  We can powerwash your driveway, patio, pool decks, and pavers.